Elena Casiraghi

Elena Casiraghi

Assistant Professor

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PhD: 2005; PhD in Computer Science; University of Milan

MSc: 2001; M.Sc. in Computer Science; University of Milano

Email: elena (dot) casiraghi (at) unimi (dot) it

Main interests: Medical/Biomedical image processing, Machine Learning, Digital twin Applications

Elena Casiraghi's interest in the information technology research field date to the year 2000, when she worked in the Information Technology Department in VTT (Valtion Teknillinen Tutkimuskeskus, Helsinki, Finland), developing Virtual Reality applications and face recognition applications (project in cooperation with Nokia). Her research work in the Department of Computer Science in Milan started with the deveopment of artificial intelligence, to develop automatic systems for medical and biomedical image processing and pattern recognition. She has worked on digital chest radiographs, abdominal computer tomography scans, magnetic resonance images of fetal brains, mouse images produced by molecular imaging, tissue images stained with different biological procedures and acquired by digital microscopes. She has investigated novel learning algorithms for pattern recognition, manifold learning, and intrinsic dimensionality estimation, to develop novel theories and automatic algorithms dealing with high-dimensional datasets characterized by a small cardinality (Small Sample Size Problem). In the past five years, she has been collaborating in cancer researches with the University of Milano-Bicocca and with Istituto nazionale dei Tumori to develop automatic systems for the analysis, quantification, and comparison of histochemical microscopic images.


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