Software name Software description
GRAPE Rust/Python Graph Representation Learning library for Prediction and Evaluation
parSMURF A High-performance Computing tool to detect pathogenic variants in the human genome
HyperSMURF Machine learning supervised method to learn rare pathogenic variants in imbalanced genomic data sets
HEMDAG An R software library implementing Hierarchical Ensemble Methods (HEMs) for Directed Acyclic Graphs
obogaf::parser A perl5 module to handle obo and gaf file
COSNet Neural network algorithm for semi-supervised node label learning from unbalanced data
UNIPred Unbalance-aware Network Integration and Prediction of protein functions
HCGene R package to support the hierarchical classification of genes
Clusterv R package for cluster validation
Mosclust R package for the discovery of significant structures in bio-molecular data
NEURObjects Set of C++ library classes for neural networks development
PerfMeas R package implementing different performance measure for classification and ranking tasks
NetPreProc R package that implements preprocessing and normalization methods for network-structured data
Bionetdata R data package that includes several examples of chemical and biological data networks